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"Robin is by far the best coach I've worked with to date. Her ability to hold space for me to feel and process, offer insightful questions that challenge and shift my perspective and her ability to root for me along the way, has been TRULY life giving!  I've become more courageous, confident and authentic  because of her support."

 ~VP Human Resources~


"It was a fantastic experience working with Robin over the past several months and I've taken away quite a bit

of actionable advice and tools that will help me in the future. Excellent by all measures!"

~VP Finance~


"Robin kicks ass!  Reflecting on the journey over the past 6+ months . . .

it was really encouraging to see how many positive changes I've been able to make with Robin's guidance."

~IT Professional~


“I love that you're putting me in the drivers seat of my planning and pushing me to look at things from a different lens.”

~Marketing Professional~


"So great about asking all the right questions and helping me find my own path."

~Sales Professional~


 “Very timely information… thought provoking!”

“Robin does an excellent job of making this workshop useful by infusing

personal/real-life content with professional content.”

“The interactive aspect was helpful.  Hearing other people’s experiences was important.”

“A lot of great, helpful information explained in a succinct way.”

 “Very well spoken with a strong ability to remember enough about each student to personalize examples.”


"When you are an entrepreneur, it is easy to define your success only in terms of big profits and over look the important growth you are achieving in the journey. Working with Robin, helped me create a plan that was focused and built on the things I was doing right, celebrating those wins, as well as redefining my perceived "failures" as more than just learning moments - but as opportunities."  


Shannelle Armstrong Fowler 

Founder, Haute & Co. Bridal 

Founder, restwear(TM) 

Star, The Perfect Fit, body positive reality show on People TV


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"I found Robin’s coaching to be a truly life-changing gift, and an experience that I would deeply recommend to anyone finding themselves at a crossroads. I felt unfulfilled in my career, but was paralyzed by the thought of losing the security of my job and taking a leap into something unknown. Robin guided me to understand and accept my fears, and emboldened me to move forward with self-confidence and faith. Rather than telling me what to think, she listened closely, asked thoughtful questions, and helped me to better understand my own mind. Her wisdom and calm assurance will stay with me as a guiding light." 


~Humanitarian Aid Project Manager, Middle East~ 


"Robin has a values-centered coaching approach that challenged me to think beyond just a job, but focus more on a career where I could continue to capitalize on my passions and natural strengths. She sees the best in you and helps you build a plan to move forward, while being honest with yourself, even when it seems hard. Working with Robin ultimately gave me the courage to do things in a more visible and impactful way both at work and home. I am very grateful to have worked with Robin during some of the most important decisions in my life, and I would strongly recommend Robin to anyone looking for a sincere, intuitive, and extremely passionate coach."


      ~Sales/Marketing Leader, Pharmaceuticals~


reviews for Robin Wilson-Tolbert, career coach, executive coach, leadership coach, transition, changes, coaching, rwtcoaching, Philadelphia, houston, Jacksonville
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"Working with Robin has reinvigorated my confidence in the types of employment opportunities that I am seeking.


Robin has a great disposition which makes talking about touchy subjects easy. You as the client direct the topics of interest, which allows you to truly focus your attention on areas that are important to you. Robin has a wealth of HR experience which lends itself to the challenges and topics that I wanted to address."


~Doctoral Candidate, Education, UK~


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