• Are you reconsidering your job or career?
  • Are you aching for your next act or career move?
  • Are you ready to focus on your goals and dreams?

If you answered "yes" to any of these questions AND you are ready to make real, sustainable change, then you are ready to embark on a coaching journey.



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Whether you've arrived at this crossroads on your own or it was forced upon you, it's the lens through which you view this change and the actions you take that will make the difference in your success. 


As your coach, I'll support and help you:

  • Discover and express what you really want
  • Recognize and disarm your inner critic
  • Bust through your comfort zone and take actions to achieve your goals and dreams 

My Story


Leadership, Career Design & Development Coach

I had an exciting career in Human Resources (HR) that I found incredibly fulfilling for years, until I didn’t. It wasn’t the company, people or profession, it was me. I had changed over time and I longed for a different way of living. In fact, it was through my employer’s development programs that I was able to clarify my goals and dreams and make it happen.


I was selected for an amazing six-month volunteer program in Rwanda -- my dream assignment! As cliche as it sounds, it changed my life. I realized that I was living a crazy, busy life and I had been aching to do something more aligned with my passion and purpose in life -- coaching.   My volunteer experience opened my eyes, but working with my assigned coach helped me crystallize my goals, get out of my own way and take action.


I know that it's never just a career change!  Our career choices impact our lives and vice versa.  I understand how opportunities and challenges can both excite us, scare us to death and keep us from getting what we say we want.  To be successful, our plans and actions need to consider the impacts beyond the job.  


By the way, this new journey of mine has not been easy, but it has been fabulous!! I am loving my new life-- the clients I help, more time with family and community -- the new, more fulfilled me! 


What changes are you seeking or facing in your own life?  

Are you ready to live the LIFE you want with the CAREER you want?  

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