2018 was a time of momentous change for me and I’ve fielded a lot of questions from friends, family and colleagues about making huge career and lifestyle shifts!  This is  also the time of year people start thinking about New Year’s resolutions.  As I reflected on the year and started planning for 2019, I thought it might be helpful to share the steps I have taken in recent years to reach my own BIG career goals.   From living and working abroad (Rwanda) to retiring early and starting my coaching business, what seemed like far-off dreams became reality!


If you need help making or keeping New Year’s career resolutions, or know someone who does, read on.  If you’ve got your own tried and true path to success, I’d love to hear what works for you.


Seeing beyond our day-to-day activities can be tough. However, making time periodically to think strategically and plan your career can make a huge difference in your success.  So, What do you want to accomplish in 2019?

  • Are you looking for a major career change?
  • Do you want to build more fulfillment or purpose into the career you have?
  • Do you want to take steps that will better position you for a career move in the future?
  • Is a life change making you re-think your current career path (empty nest, relocation, lay-off, marriage, divorce, caregiving)?

If any of this sounds like you, now is a good time to plan your New Year’s Career Resolutions.


What else, more, different do you want from your career?  Said another way, what else, more,

different do you want from your LIFE and how does that guide your career choices?


Have you enthusiastically set New Year’s Career Resolutions in the past, only to abandon them by spring because life gets in the way?  You’re not alone.  One study suggests that only about 8% of those who actually make New Year’s resolutions will achieve them by year end!


I’ve outlined five steps for creating New Year’s career resolutions that work.  DOWNLOAD your guide below. I hope it helps you clarify and accomplish your 2019 Resolutions.  Go to the CONTACT page if you want to learn more about working with a Certified Professional Coach.

5 Steps to Career Resolutions that Work
Are you at a career crossroads? If you want 2019 to be your year for CHANGE, this guide is for you.
5 Steps to Career Resolutions that Work-
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